Quick & Simple Flow Calibration

production-floor-longWhy make flow calibration more difficult than it needs to be? Manufacturing Quality Assurance processes can be inherently complicated. So when you already have enough to worry about, having a gas flow calibrator that is easy to set up and easy to operate is paramount. The Mesa Labs FlexCal and Metrology Series calibrators offer fast calibration times with gas-species independent primary standard solutions, so gas-specific testing is a breeze. Our calibrators are easy to operate and maintain, resulting in reduced technician training and operation time to calibrate!

When designing mass flow solutions for any industry application, you understand the importance of producing high quality products while keeping costs low. Mesa Labs offers the most cost-effective verification and calibration devices, making it possible to perform QA checks on the floor and instrument calibrations at every step in your manufacturing process. The FlexCal makes for an ideal verification device since it offers a standardized accuracy of 0.5%, but is small, portable, and affords flow ranges up to 50 LPM. For your more demanding calibration needs, the DryCal 800 is ideal for in-house calibrations. It provides 0.15% – 0.25% standardized and volumetric accuracy (varying by flow cell), and an array of flow cells to fit any flow ranges you need. Whether you’re verifying or calibrating instruments, our NIST-traceable DryCal calibrators provide high accuracy and reliability every step of the way.

Flow Meter Accuracy

Worrying about low accuracy research and development testing is a thing of the past. Our high accuracy devices consistently meet quality control requirements and provide defensible product calibrations during production. You can now have stable and accurate calibration of nearly any gas flow rate.

Whether producing flow measurement devices for semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, chemical processes, or any application, using proven DryCal calibrators allows you to extend high accuracy products with confidence to your customers in any industry. As industry standards continue to require higher and higher accuracy, you can continue producing quality products with ease when using the FlexCal at 0.5% standardized accuracy, or the DryCal 800 at 0.15% accuracy of reading.

What You Can Calibrate

  • Mass flow meters
  • Mass flow controllers
  • Gas analyzers
  • Rotameters
  • Flow sensors
  • Digital Flow Meters
  • Variable Area Meters

Instruments for Your Industry

FlexCal DryCal 800 
 flexcal-web DryCal 800 Base with Cell Screen On (web)

Primary vs. Secondary Gas Flow Measurement: What’s the Difference?

factory-worker-webThe key to understanding gas flow measurement is in recognizing that there are seven SI base units (International System of Units): the ampere, the candela, the kelvin, the kilogram, the meter, the mole and the second. These units have been quantified and refined worldwide and their precise value are unlikely to change. Our patented DryCal technology is primary because it measures gas flow using the two base units of length and time. Since there is no unit for the direct measurement of gas flow, flow is determined by measuring the time it takes to positively displace a known volume of gas.

Secondary measurements calculate and infer gas flow using units that are not part of the SI base units. Common technologies measure gas flow inferentially by measuring gas properties such as energy transfer or heat transfer.

With proven DryCal Technology products, customers receive accurate, directly traceable primary flow measurements that are fully supported by Mesa Labs leading ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation. Whether verifying or calibrating instruments during or after manufacturing, you can rely on DryCal Technology for highly accurate and highly reliable calibrations without the use of messy bubble meters or heavy bell provers.

We can improve both your accuracy & measurement times

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Regulatory and Compliance

ISO 17025
ISO 17025 is a globally recognized and accepted accreditation obtained by calibration laboratories to demonstrate their competence in providing calibration services.

NIST is the National Metrology Institute (NMI) for the United States who provides calibration services across metrology disciplines and maintains the US inventory of national measurement standards.

ANSI Z-540
ANSI Z-540 has been partially superseded by ISO 17025 and Z-540 part 3, and is primarily used as an accreditation standard for calibration laboratories supporting operations of select departments of the US Government.

FDA 21 CFR 820.72
21 CFR 820.72 defines the quality system requirements to operate and maintain inspection, measuring, and test equipment used in the production of food and drugs supplied to the US market.

SEMI Test Methods for Gas Delivery Systems
SEMI creates and maintains standards and test methods used by global manufacturers of microelectronics and solar equipment to assist them in specifying system components, maintaining performance specifications, and commissioning and troubleshooting the gas delivery sub-system of process tools.

R137 is a recommendation from the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) intended to standardize terminology, technical requirements, metrological controls, and other factors for flow meters of any technology that measure gases and gaseous fuels that are not liquefied, multi-phase, or steam.