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drycal-for-biopharmaWe know that you are dedicated to finding new ways to improve the treatment of diseases and illnesses. Developing pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products can be difficult to navigate in a field with ever-increasing FDA regulatory pressures. At Mesa Labs, we know highly-accurate gas flow measurements are a game changer, and preparing solutions for production can make-or-break your production cycle. Let Mesa Labs worry about keeping gas flow calibrations highly-accurate, so you can focus on what really matters: developing new medicines that allow people to live longer, healthier lives.

Whether in the process of cell cultivation, fermentation, or purification, Mesa’s DryCal piston provers will help you maintain highly-accurate gas flow measurements through every step of your process. Highly-accurate gas flow measurements can help keep your cell cultivation and fermentation processes from experiencing the slightest deviations, while keeping a NIST-traceable audit trail to ensure regulatory approval.

High Quality, High Speed and Highly Accurate Calibrations

Cell cultivation, fermentation and purification processes involve multiple species of gases flowing through Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs). The accuracy of these MFCs ultimately determines the success of your product batches and your facility’s profit. The only way to ensure the accuracy of your MFCs is frequent verification and calibration. Using our DryCal 800, which is four times more accurate than the leading MFCs on the market, means you can rest assured that your MFCs are operating within their specified range. The DryCal 800 calibrator boasts an accuracy of 0.15% from 5 sccm to 100 slpm and 0.25% from 0.5-50 sccm. For higher flow ranges, Mesa Labs also offers the DryCal 1020 and 1500.

Calibrations can become complicated quickly when each MFC requires special attention and each gas requires its own conversion factor. With this in mind, Mesa Labs created the Integrator Pro. This state of the art, time-saving instrument allows you to program your entire MFC calibration process. It is as easy as opening up a saved file and hitting “Go”. Combined with our intuitive DryCal Pro Software, your operator will have more time to focus on other parts of the production process. Mesa’s DryCal Pro Software is the perfect turn-key solution for record keeping and calibration automation, and requires little to no tech training.

What You Can Calibrate

  • Thermal flow meters
  • Orifice plate flow meters
  • Venturi flow meters
  • DP flow meters
  • Pitot tubes
  • Rotameters
  • VA flow meters
  • Turbine flow meters
  • Vortex flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Gas flow sensors
  • Pressure controllers
  • Flow restrictors
  • Calibrated leaks
  • Pneumatic components
  • Analytical sensors
  • Flow control valves
  • Check valves
  • Secondary standards
  • Transfer standards
  • Master flow meter

DryCal Calibrators and Bioreactors

bioreactor-webRegulating the environment and metabolic rate of microorganisms in bioreactors is essential to successful production of pharmaceuticals or vaccines. Ensuring that bioreactors stay hermetic and free of foreign or excess gas species can be difficult without opening gas flow lines. Calibrating gas flow from MFCs without opening gas flow lines is essential in order to prevent contamination, and DryCal piston provers are the ideal tool for the job.

When using DryCal calibrators, simply install a downstream tap, or A/B valve, to divert the gas flow through the MFC away from the reactor and into a different pipe. Here you can connect your DryCal calibrator and perform your gas flow calibration. This means you get a highly-accurate calibration with no system contamination and no downtime.

Keeping Calibrations in the Cleanroom

Mesa Lab’s portable DryCal piston provers help you keep calibrations in the clean room, saving you valuable time and money. This means MFCs don’t need to be removed from the clean room, which could cause devastating downtime. Instead, the FlexCal can be set up in your clean room to do in-situ calibrations and calculations, keeping your production cycle on track and within regulation. The FlexCal is an easy-to-use, compact handheld solution that is perfect for utility feed line calibrations, and can be utilized in cramped spaces such as utility rooms or other control instruments.

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Regulatory and Compliance

ISO 17025
ISO 17025 is a globally recognized and accepted accreditation obtained by calibration laboratories to demonstrate their competence in providing calibration services.

NIST is the National Metrology Institute (NMI) for the United States who provides calibration services across metrology disciplines and maintains the US inventory of national measurement standards.

ANSI Z-540
ANSI Z-540 has been partially superseded by ISO 17025 and Z-540 part 3, and is primarily used as an accreditation standard for calibration laboratories supporting operations of select departments of the US Government.

FDA 21 CFR 820.72
21 CFR 820.72 defines the quality system requirements to operate and maintain inspection, measuring, and test equipment used in the production of food and drugs supplied to the US market.

SEMI Test Methods for Gas Delivery Systems
SEMI creates and maintains standards and test methods used by global manufacturers of microelectronics and solar equipment to assist them in specifying system components, maintaining performance specifications, and commissioning and troubleshooting the gas delivery sub-system of process tools.

R137 is a recommendation from the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) intended to standardize terminology, technical requirements, metrological controls, and other factors for flow meters of any technology that measure gases and gaseous fuels that are not liquefied, multi-phase, or steam.