Mesa Labs’ newest standardized and volumetric primary flow standard offers easy-to-navigate calibrations with unparalleled flow ranges, accuracy and portability.

Defender’s many user-selectable options makes customizing your calibrations easy, giving you exactly what you need in the format you prefer. All you have to do is choose between the 510, the 520 or the 530+.

Defender 530+
No matter your application, the portable Defender 530+ is ready to go to work for you, because it’s a true volumetric standard based on the principle of positive displacement. The Defender 530+ provides immediate indication of the actual gas flow rate, accurately and independently of the gas type.

DryCal 800
The DryCal® 800 Series combines our Proven DryCal®Technology with interchangeable flow cells, to achieve precise, primary measurements over an incredibly broad flow range, from 0.5 sccm up to 100 slpm.

DryCal Pro Software
This software captures flow data from your DryCal directly to a PC and you can export the data to a Microsoft environment. It also allows real-time flow data monitoring & graphing along with allowing you to enter flow rates from sampling pumps or other flow source and calibrate the flow source.

Gas Flow Bench
Mesa’s gas flow benches offer practical engineered solutions for calibration of gas flow measurement devices using Proven DryCal® technology. The Flow Benches are pre-configured for specific application, and are available in multiple configurations.

DryCal 500
The DryCal Series of positive displacement primary standards provides a cost-effective, entirely “dry” means of precisely measuring gas flow while maintaining defensible, direct traceability to NIST.

DryCal 1020
Offers a reliable accuracy primary flow standard device. It has over 15 years of Proven DryCal® Technology, traceability – NVLAP-accredited; ISO 17025, ANSI Z-540, NIST Handbook 150,  flexible – Portable, modular design: integrated software easily customized to your needs, and it is convenient.

DryCal 1500
The DryCal 1500 breaks all the rules of high flow primary gas flow standards. Verify up to 1500 standard liters per minute of gas flow – without a bell prover. Its bench-top design measures only 32W” x 34H” x 12D” and weighs just 90 pounds.

DryCal Flex System Base
The DryCal Flex System provides a platform to operate any combination of DryCal 800 flow cells allowing the user to calibrate up to four Mass Flow Controllers or Mass Flow Meters simultaneously.

Integrator Pro

The Integrator Pro MFC/MFM control and readout device integrates Proven DryCal Technology to perform in-house verifications and multi-setpoint calibrations of your critical analog mass flow devices.

DryCal Power Adapter Guide

Learn which power adapters to use for each of the DryCal calibrators

DryCal Product Warranty Statement

The New OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule
Information sheet detailing new OSHA rules.

Defender / FlexCal Debug Top Tips
These tips and tricks will help keep your DryCal piston prover calibrations running smoothly. This document covers information about your Defender/FlexCal battery, proper piston movement, how to perform a leak test, what to do when your unit isn’t measuring flow, measurement accuracy, and how to turn your unit on.

Piston Prover Gas Filtration
Keeping inlet gases particulate-free is an easy way to keep calibrations running smoothly

What You Should Know About Connecting Volume
One of the easiest ways to lower errors during flow measurements is to lower the connecting volume between the calibrator and the device under test.

MFC Calibration Procedure Using DryCal Metrololgy Series of Primary Piston Provers (DryCal 800/DryCal 1020)
The flow measurement professional is responsible for calibrating and/or verifying the ac­curacy of various flow devices, such as mass flow controllers (MFCs).

Variable Area Gas Flow Meter Calibration Procedure Using DryCal Metrology Series Primary Piston Provers (DryCal 800/DryCal 1020)
Each variable area flow meter is designed to operate under a certain set of conditions which include the temperature, pressure and the type of gas. Usually, these conditions are documented directly on the tube enclosure of the variable area flow meter, with the flow rate scales referenced in mm (millimeter).

Verifying a Dry Gas Meter Using the DryCal Primary Flow Meter (Definer 220)
A dry gas meter has two or more chambers formed by movable diaphragms. With the gas flow directed by internal valves, the chambers alternately fill with and expel gas, producing a near continuous flow through the meter.

General Purpose Calibration Procedure using the DryCal Metrology Series and DryCal Gas Flow Delivery System (DryCal 800/DryCal 1020)
As the leader in primary gas flow measurement, DryCal has developed a general purpose calibration procedure that combines the precision and high-speed of our Met Lab® Series of primary piston provers with carefully-selected instruments and gauges to enable the calibration of not only DryCal primary standards, but other piston provers, bubble meters and variable area gas flow meters (rotameters).

Auditing the IMPROVE Speciation Sampler Using the DryCal Definer 220 Primary Flow Meter (Definer 220)
The URG 3000N sequential particulate speciation sampler can be quickly and precisely verified in the field by the hand-portable DryCal Definer™ 220 primary flow meter.

Auditing the Met One SASS and SuperSASS Speciation Samplers Using the DryCal Definer 220 Primary Flow Meter (Definer 220)
Met One SASS/SuperSASS speciation samplers can be quickly and precisely verified in the field by the hand-portable DryCal Definer 220™ primary flow meter.

Calibrating Cyclones with DryCal Defender (Defender)
Calibrate using the NIOSH Alternate Calibration Method entitled, “Jar-less Cyclone Calibration” and per NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM). Calibration jars are commonly used in the calibration of personal air sampling pumps for size-sensitive particulate sampling.

Flow Calibration of R&P Partisol 2025 using the DryCal Definer 220 Primary Standard (Definer 220)
In order for an environmental air monitor to accurately measure the quantity of pollutants in a volume of air, the monitor must sample at a constant, controlled rate. Our application note features the Rupprecht & Patashnick Partisol Model 2025 2.5 TP air monitor, also known as a PM 2.5 sampler.

Auditing the URG 3000N Speciation Sampler Using the DryCal Definer 220 Primary Flow meter (Definer 220)
The URG 3000N sequential particulate speciation sampler can be quickly and precisely verified in the field by the hand-portable DryCal Definer™ 220 primary flow meter.

Calibrating the EPA Primary Gas Dilution Calibrator Using the DryCal Primary Flow Meter (Definer 220)
The EPA Primary Gas Dilution Calibrator can be quickly and precisely calibrated by the DryCal primary flow meter DryCal-500 and verified in the field by hand-portable DryCal DefinerTM 220.

Orifice Calibration: Setup and Procedure for the Calibration of Orifice Used in the Field for Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment (Definer 220)
The environmental professional uses an orifice to calibrate common air monitoring equipment in the field, such as PM samplers, TEOMS and FRMs. An orifice is a flow transfer standard (FTS) that etermines flow by measuring the pressure drop across the orifice, in conjunction with the ambient temperature, pressure and calibrated orifice coefficients.

Verifying a Laminar Flow Element Using the DryCal Primary Flow Meter
Laminar flow elements, (LFEs) are flow elements designed to measure gas flow rate. Flow of gas through a Laminar Flow Element generates a pressure difference proportional to the flow rate. The DryCal 800 is a primary gas flow meter that performs direct volumetric measurement of gas flow at ±0.15% of reading. Using patented proven DryCal® Technology, the DryCal 800 calculates the flow rate by measuring the time required to displace a piston through a glass cylinder of known volume (accuracy is dimensional, based upon length and time, two of the primary units of measure, or the SI Base Units).