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Why Mesa’s Defender Series?

» High accuracy. Calibrators in Mesa’s Defender Series are backed by Proven DryCal technology and have a reading uncertainty of less than 1%.

» Durability. All DryCal calibrators are field-proven and have provided IH professionals with reliable performance for decades.

» Real-time flow data. Calibrator flow data is captured in real-time with our DryCal Pro software, directly uploaded to a PC, and exported to a Microsoft environment.

» Convenient mail-in factory calibration. An annual NIST-traceable calibration by Mesa’s ISO-accredited facility provides a defensible audit trail and full refurbishment.

» Trusted accreditation. Mesa Labs is a fully accredited ISO-17025 facility with a 0.08% Scope of Accreditation for gas flow by NVLAP of NIST.

All Defender series products offer single, continuous, and burst reading options. The series is highlighted as a calibration method in the OSHA Technical Manual.

By connecting your computer to the Defenders RS-232 port, you’ll get real-time flow and data capture using DryCal Pro Software. Check out our product line:

Defender 510 • Volumetric Primary Flow Standard

The Defender 510 is the base model of the Defender series. This model is primarily used for

  • Personal Sampling Pump Calibration
  • Volumetric Flow Calibration

Defender 520 • Enhanced Volumetric Primary Flow Standard


The Defender 520 is the intermediate model of the Defender Series. This model provides:

  • Flow Calibration where you want to know Temperature/Pressure
  • A more affordable option

Defender 530+ • Standardized Primary Flow Standard


The Defender 530+ is the most enhanced model of the Defender Series. This model provides:

  • Standardized (Mass Flow) Readings
  • Ambient Air and Industrial Flow Standard Applications
  • Options to use Standardized or Volumetric Flow Applications

100-250 Pelican 1200 Case

100-250. 100-251





Hard, heavy-duty carry case with custom foam; fits 1 Defender.

100-251 Pelican 1520 Case

100-250. 100-251





Hard, heavy-duty carry case with custom foam; fits 2-3 Defenders.

100-112 PC Card

100-112 PC Card





Provides a serial port for a laptop computer.

100-113 Serial Cable

100-113 Serial Cable





RS-232 cable for product to PC connection.

100-222 Adapter/Charger Universal

100-224 . 100-222Adapter Universal





Universal 100-240V, 12VDC, single charge for use in multiple countries. Comes with one plug configuration of your choice US, UK, European, or Australian.

100-215 Plug Configuration






For use with universal adapter; plug configurations: US, UK, European, or Australian.

100-420 Tubing by the Foot

100-420 Tubing by the foot





High Flex PVC, plain 1/4″ ID, 3/8″OD; up to 25 feet.

100-413 Leak Test Caps (Pack of 10)

100-413 Leak Test Cap





Plastic, yellow; for suction and pressure fittings during self leak test.